There is something immensely special about eating cake - whether it’s for a celebration, which is what cakes are traditionally made for, a treat (destined to be illicit), a dessert substitute or a mouthful that just couldn’t be resisted.

There are cakes and then there are cakes- the difference being that some are more special than others. When cakes are special they are freshly baked, made with love, passion and dedication from sensational ingredients and bowls full of talent. 

We are of course describing the cakes lovingly hand crafted by pastry chefJean Cleary-Coyne who established Bakes by Jean in 2015.

Sensory and Textural Flavours
The mouth is brought alive by four of our most important senses- smell (aroma), sight (expectation), taste (the yum factor) and touch (how the food feels in your mouth), so to Jean it’s imperative to create special sensations through the flavours she uses.

• Vanilla bean - we use only whole vanilla beans
• Chocolate - Callebaut, the finest Belgian Couverture chocolate                                     • Locally sourced fresh seasonal fruits, zest and nuts. Jean’s studio is within walking distance of Melbourne’s famous Queen Victoria Market, which allows her to hand choose the produce she needs, as and when it’s required for an order.  

Welcome to Bakes By Jean! We look forward to introducing you to a very special experience.